Rise of the Runelords

Whats next?


Tsuto and Orik have to stand trial for their crimes against Sandpoint and its people.

Their trial is scheduled for the 9th day of Lamashan of this Year of the gods, 4707 Ar. The 9th day of Lamashan is also Oathday; a auspicious day for judging criminals among other things.

From the last in game day there is a total of 8 days of outright downtime. The 9th day is the Trial.

Word has been sent to Magnimar of their capture and in response to the Mayors and Sheriff’s exercising of their legal rights to hold the trial in Sandpoint, because of the egregious nature of the crimes and imminent danger of Nulias plans, have sent a Justice to stand as Judge for the proceedings.

The ceremony shall be organized thus. His Lordship Justice Ironbriar of Magnimar shall preside as the judge. Sheriff Belor Hemlock shall stand as Bailiff to the proceedings. Mayor Kendra Deverin, Ameiko Kaijitsu, Titus Scarnetti and Ethram Valdemar are to stand as the Jury. You are all told that you may be called as material witnesses for this trial.

Word also arrives via messenger that the Pathfinders have received Sandpoints message about the ruins and are sending a agent to investigate their authenticity. They deny your request for a peace keeping force of any size to assist in the towns defense. They remind you that they are not a Humanitarian organization, despite the many good works their agents have had hands in. Their primary concern is cataloging history accurately, cataloging historical items for display in museums and education, and securing them if necessary to prevent their continued use if they are deemed to dangerous.

This is the perfect time to built relationships and lasting bonds with the people and town of Sandpoint. Also this is a great time to cement yourselves as members of the Silverhawks, both to each other and the town of Sandpoint. It’s quite a legacy to live up to.



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