Rise of the Runelords

The Silverhawks journal of ancient knowledge.

What you know about Thassilon

Ancient Thassilon was a vast human empire. It is said that aside from ancient Azlant there was no greater place for humanity to flourish. Between the two Empires the world for once in humanity’s existence, feared Humans. This age was known as the Golden Age or the Age of Legends and undoubtedly many nations rose and fell to the sands of time and changing political nature of such nations. Arcanist of all stripes found a home in Thassilons borders. For there wizards ruled supreme. None more powerful than the Legendary Runelords of Sin.
The politics of each of Thassilons domains has been lost largely to time and whatever it was that destroyed the empire. What is known is that 7 domains existed, each represented a sin that the Wizards held in high regard.

Each was different in culture, but all used the Seven pointed star as their symbol. This empire had many capitals, one for each domain, that shared the domains name with the suffix Xin’. Enclosed in Broderns journals and notes that he has turned into a book for you, you find a hand drawn map of what he thinks where the empires borders.

What is believed is that the Star Fall destroyed the empire as it did many others. You also know that the statue in the catacombs below Sandpoint is a statue of the Female, Bakrakhan Runelord of Wrath, Alaznist. She is the only Runelord whose name Brodern knows for sure. The others have had varying names depending upon the current leading historical theory’s. Again Broderns theories are not very popular, however all agree on the name of the Runelord of Wrath. The others have various spellings, sometimes even different names but with the appropriate knowledge history checks and enough clues you think you may eventually be able to figure out the true titles or names of each Rune Lord.
Broderns ideas and theory’s about Thassilon are not well excepted in the major archaeological circles and you probably wont find this information outside of his notes. Should you find another map of ancient Thassilon, it likely looks quite different. He only knows the name or title of one Runelord for certain, Alaznist. Despite his near 50 years of archaeological digs and findings, this one book hold’s his entire life’s work. The truth of Thassilon and its history are almost entirely lost to the ages. So much of what is known, is simply speculation and theory upon theory.

As of 4707 Ar- Lamashan ( October ) 2 Toilday – Teferi Jarvel and Toly Delve deeper into the ancient Thassalonian ruin finding danger, ancient knowledge, a bit of loot and a lot of sea food.

Today Teferi you have gleamed ( along with thirst ) knowledge of ancient Thassilon. You see a depiction of the fabled city of Xin-Shalast. You know that this city is widely believed to simply be a figment or legend created by the ancients to inspire awe and fear in the hearts of their subjects. Many explorers have gone looking in the Kodar Mountains for this lost city, only to never return. No one has ever found a single scrap of actual proof the city exists, including Brodern. If asked, he tells you that the carving doesn’t prove anything, he wishes it did though. There are several like it elsewhere in the world. It is still a fantastic find however, for the archaeological community.

You also learned that the Wizard in the repeating image sitting atop his throne, depicted on the various statues throughout this ruin, and the face of Thistletop itself is none other than the Runelord of Greed Karzoug. He was the ruler of the Thassilonian domain called Shalast, History notes his domain as being the richest in natural metals, gems, treasure of every kind and beyond imagination. From the depiction in the ruined chamber alone you think if you could just take a single door handle from one of the doors you see in the imagery, it might be worth 10,000 gp alone.

Based upon the information gathered today you are now of the opinion that Shalast and Bakrakhan were at war with one another. Broderns theory that the ancient Light of the Lost Coast is actually a war machine, combined with the vision from the scrying pool makes you think these two structures likely were built to keep tabs on the mutual border between the two domains. Possibly indicating a standstill or uneven truth between the two Domains.
Obviously you also know that the ‘Empire’ of Thassilon was one nation in which many wizards competed for supremacy, likely at the cost of their subjects lives.

Thassilon is noted for having legions of Sin Spawn at its beck and call as well as massive army’s and magical might which cannot be replicated today. Just from studying the spells and effects left over in this place you truly begin to understand how far the knowledge of magic has fallen compared to the age before the Star Fall. You are basically a ant trying to understand the boot about to crush it. It is also, undoubtedly the first and perhaps last time humanity had a leg up on their existence.. well if you were a Arcanist anyway.



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