Rise of the Runelords

Assault on Thistletop!

From start to finish.

Our brave Heroes are attacked by a group of Yeth Hounds, backed up by Tsuto, Bruthzumas the Bugbear, and Orik. All seems lost.. yet Somehow they prevail! The Mountain arrives just in time to help our beleaguered heroes.

The battle is fierce, but the Yeth Hounds are sent back to the Abyss swing by bloody swing. Tsuto is captured but so is Mus’ed, by the Bugbear. Maniard “The Mountain” sends Orik retreating into the dungeon, licking his wounds. After you lick your own wounds by retreating to the safety of the druids lair once again. You find safety here acrossed the Bridge, bolstered by Sheriff Hemlock and his guardsmen.

After being charmed by Irdess, Tsuto is quite forthcoming about Nualia’s plans for the future. Explaining to you in detail why she is attacking Sandpoint, Revenge / Religious reasons. He then tells you the allies she has, and their strengths. He forgot about Lyrie, partly because shes useless and party because he doesn’t care for her or about her.
After restoring your strength, you all head back over the bridge. leaving your prisoner with the sheriff. You brave the lower levels, find Mus’ed being guarded by a somewhat surprised Orik. However he proves to not be a threat at all, Irdess sends him into a deep slumber with a flick of her wrist. Taking his gear, you leave him in Mus’ed’s cell. Heading further downstairs, guided by Arrangars ‘signs’ you are attacked!

The final battle of Thistle top rages on! Nulia proves to be tougher than anything you have faced before, with a weapon in her hand she seems unstoppable. She seems more real than the world around her, she glows with divine energy, her muscles bulge with magical strength and her face is a impassable stone glare, her eyes white with fury. Despite all of this, including her glowing black and orange blade you defeat her!

Trouncing her with the age old trick.. DOG PILE! Toly and Maniard are able to truss her up, throw a set of manacles on her and effectively capture her. She snaps and bites at you, her claw trying to cut you, you realize that this woman’s fate is death! She is as evil as they come. If you take her in, she’ll just be executed anyway. Toly, retrieves Oriks Bastard sword from the trap, hauls it back to Nualia and sends the blade into her heart!!!

As she gurgles a bloody cry or whimper on the ground beneath you, you see her.. smirk? Divine energy floods from her body, her arm vanishes and in a shockingly painful and long moment your Right arm transforms and mutates to resemble Nualia’s.

Toly you gain the trait: Curse of Lamashtu. Your Mythic Tier 1 now. Your arm has a +2 Str bonus, but its ugly appearance and aura of evil cause you a -2 to charisma. You now have a 1d6 claw attack. And of course.. you owe your power to Lamashtu. Although you may deny it, you may hate it, you may despise your arm.. but the truth of the matter is. You are filled with mythical power because of this arm. Without it you know that your mythical powers with vanish, and your not sure you’ll get your old arm back, as you look down at the bleeding stump of Nualia’s right arm.

You are also considered to be cursed for purposes of spells and other things. You detect as evil and have a aura of evil about you. Your cant help but feel inclined to wrath and other violent emotions. If you become angry for any reason, you must roll a will save of 10+Lvl+Mythic Tier, or become Hostile at the person causing your emotional state. You don’t have to lethally attack them, but you must intimidate, threaten or push around this person or persons to the best of your ability. This save becomes higher as you level up.
You Also gain a plus 2 trait bonus on intimidation checks.

You can remove the arm, by cutting it off obviously. If you do, you loose this trait and all benefits and penalty’s associated with it. To remove the curse you will need a cleric or other spell caster of level 10 or higher to successful cast, Remove Curse on you. If you do this, you get to roll a will save again. The DC is 20. If you fail, you loose your arm, but keep your mythic powers. If you pass, you get your old arm back and keep your mythic powers.
You all see this happen to Toly. Toly, this is by far the MOST painful moment of your entire life… thus far.
Gear Found / Things you all did while searching the remainder of the area.

Tsuto and Orik were not slain and will stand trial next week on Oathday, 9 days from the last in game day. You all have 9 days of downtime to use before the date of the trial.
Word has been sent to Magnimar of their capture and in response to the Mayors and Sheriff’s exercising of their legal rights to hold the trial in Sandpoint, because of the egregious nature of the crimes and imminent danger of Nulias plans, have sent a Justice to stand as Judge for the proceedings.

The ceremony shall be organized thus. His Lordship Justice Ironbriar of Magnimar shall preside as the judge. Sheriff Belor Hemlock shall stand as Bailiff to the proceedings. Mayor Kendra Deverin, Ameiko Kaijitsu, Titus Scarnetti and Ethram Valdemar are to stand as the Jury. You are all told that you may be called as material witnesses for this trial.

Word also arrives via messenger that the Pathfinders have received Sandpoints message about the ruins and are sending a agent to investigate their authenticity. They deny your request for a peace keeping force of any size to assist in the towns defense. They remind you that they are not a Humanitarian organization, despite the many good works their agents have had hands in. Their primary concern is cataloging history accurately, cataloging historical items for display in museums and education, and securing them if necessary to prevent their continued use if they are deemed to dangerous.

After finding out that his employer is dead, Orik actually seems relieved. Tsuto is furious and unless he is charmed again via a magical spell, he says nothing except to insult you. Orik explains that he is a mercenary, and loyal to his contract holder, but he wishes he had never signed on with this crazy woman.

You ( Teferi, Toly and Jarvel ) decided to turn Orik over to Sheriff Hemlock, who immediately arrests him. You do say that he was working with Nulia to help destroy the town, but also mention that he is a mercenary and has a sense of honor.

If you press him for more information he can tell you the following.

He truthfully admits his part in the attack plans but also specifically mentions that he has not actually done anything to personally harm Sandpoint or its citizens other than attack the Silverhawks the night you all slept on the first floor. He was ordered to attack you, he didn’t make the choice to do so. He also thinks ‘magick’ is crazy, so is religion.

Orik explains that because of his code of honor he simply could not abandon Nulia. When he found out his employer was going to hurt Sandpoint he still wouldn’t break his contract. Truth be told he was somewhat afraid to break his contract with Nulia but even if he wasn’t he couldn’t unless she attempted to harm or rob him. He rather likes Sandpoint, in fact he passed through it on his way to Magnimar recently and found the town to be friendly and charming. He lives by a code and even though he probably would have never forgiven himself for it he was trapped in his own code of conduct. He excepts whatever fate falls upon him.

Sheriff Hemlock tells you all that executing Nulia was the right choice. Sometimes frontier justice is called for, and she was one such case.

Orik also has the following points of information.

- That lady and her insane ‘magicks’, I never liked her, but she pays so well.. 4 platinum a month for what seemed like no work at all except being her pack maul for a few months. I knew i’d signed on with the wrong person when she suddenly had that arm one day. Working with goblins is tolerable, little bastards usually leave me alone but still… ‘Orik gets a cold chill’ man magic is weird.

- I was hired in Magnimar a few months ago by Nulia.
- I had no idea what her plans were, or that she was even going to attack Sandpoint. I.. I found out she was a few days ago when Tsuto came running back, tail between his legs talking about how a few heroes killed his goblins. I wanted to leave but.. I’ve never abandoned a contract before. I was trapped in my own damn code, i’m honestly very sorry. If it makes you feel better though, y’all are some tough son bitches!

- I was under the impression I was to be Nualia’s bodyguard while she and Lyrie excavated some Thassalonian ruins somewhere in Varisia. I’ve been lied to before by employers, never like this though.

- I don’t know what it is, but there is a creature beyond the doors nailed shut on the 2nd level. The goblins couldn’t kill it and Nulia didn’t care enough to send any of us in there to deal with it. I have no idea what it is except that it has tentacles.

- I’m available for hire, 1 pp a month, I keep the stuff from people or things I kill or have a larger than average hand in killing and I give ya my word I wont betray ya if you don’t betray me.

- I have no idea what is on the third level of this place. These crazy religious types are always worshiping some god that’s just as crazy as the next.

- Between the goblins, the demon statue, her, those hell hounds, that arm of hers and just the general feeling of malice i stayed the hell away from the third level unless specifically order to go down there, which I never was.

Nulias weapon seems to loose power with her death. +1 Falchion
Nulias armor is fashion to appear demonic, it gives a +1 item bonus on intimidation checks and has a general aura of malice +1 Breastplate.

Around her neck hangs a medallion. With a few hours of study its function is easy enough to determine.

Aura faint necromancy; CL 5th
Slot neck
This medallion is ancient, likely having somehow survived it’s makers demise when the Thassilonian empire fell into ruin thousands of years ago. It hangs on a leather cord, a silver disc inscribed with a seven-pointed star. While worn, a Sihedron medallion grants its wearer a +1 resistance bonus on all saving throws. Once per day, it may be commanded to bestow the effects of false life on the wearer—activating this function is a free action. Placed on the neck of a dead body, the Sihedron medallion preserves the body indefinitely via a gentle repose effect. –
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, false
life, gentle repose, resistance;
Cost , 1750gp

1 Gold Unholy Symbol of Lamashtu 100gp, 7pp, 5gp, 3 potions of cure light.

From the bugbear, you find.

4 +1 elfbane arrows.
1 potion of cure moderate wounds.
Studded leather, heavy flail, mwk composite longbow str 4, 20 arrows, 4 pp.
You all take a short rest to study these magical items, speak with Orik and hand him over to Hemlock. Then ( next time we play ) you all have a solid 8 days of downtime coming, with the 9th day being the day of the trial.

There is additional loot from Thistletop, that Toly, Jarvel and Teferi have recovered from further explorations of the lower level. From here on in, I will be posting a full listing of the loot on here as it is found in addition to your own tracking of it. It will also be better organized and enclosed in its own post or something along those lines.




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